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  Used Equipment
  For Sale
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AMS sells business equipment at liquidation prices.

We take physical posession of used equipment on behalf of leasing companies at end-of-lease, or on behalf of bankruptcy courts from the estates of failed companies.

Our clients don't want to own equipment, they want cash and they want it sooner rather than later. This means you can get some amazing bargains here.

If you think an asking price is too high, FAX us a serious offer on your letterhead. We'll submit your offer to the owner of that item, and get you a prompt reply.

Our inventory constantly changes, so it's a good idea to check back often to see what's new and what's still here.

We are not a full time retailer. We're often out of the office doing appraisals or equipment recoveries. So please call ahead to be sure we're in. Better yet, call to make an appointment.

Best regards,
Larry Oxman

Ever wonder what $1 in say 1955 is worth in today's dollars? Try this inflation calculator courtesy of the
United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Auction Notices
Yaana Technology
Website of Bankrupt Company

Auction Delayed
Auction Date TBA
Auction will be held on

Additional Photos
Keen Healthcare
Website of Bankrupt Company

Auction Begins
Date Not Set

Preliminary Photos
Example items in sale:

    Desks - Double Pedistal
    Desks - L-Shape
    Desk - Reception
    File Cabinets
    Conference Table
    Lamination Machine
    Desktop Phones with control head Lunchroom Tables and Chairs
    Pallet Racking
    Bread Racks
    Smaller Racks
    Lift Truck -- Electric, w/Charger
    Shipping Stations (1-intake, 1-outgoing)
Manufacturing Equipment
    Sewing Machines
      Brother - Juki - Consew
    Sewing Tables
    Autometrix™ Fabric Cutting Table (BIG)
    Foam Cutting equipment
    Silk Screen Equipment
    Parts Racks
    Misc Tools, Workbenches
Oxygen Systems
    Tank Carts
    Shoulder Packs
    Home Systems Portable Systems In Home Oxygen Supplies
    Cannulas w/Hoses
    User Supplies
Home Healthcare
    Hospital Beds -
    Foam Mattresses
    Air Mattresses w/ Control Heads
    Wheel Chairs
      Many sizes and styles
      New & Rental/Used
    Accessories - New & Rental/Used
    Shower Chairs - Many Sizes
    Potty Chairs - Many Sizes
    Knee Scooters
    Full-Body Lifts
    Bed-Tables (Hosptal Style)
Raw Materials (Foam & Fabric)
Finished Merchandise
    Mattress Covers
    Foam Chair Pads
    Foam Bed Wedges
    Patented Cruches
    Dell Optiplex 790 Dual Monitor workstations
      Windows 10 & Win7
    Dell 16/9 Monitors Qty: 20
    Logitech Speakers
    Monitor Stands
    Laser Printers
    Label Printers
    Server Rack
    (3) APC UPS
    Smart / managed Hub
    (2) Synology NAS w/HDDs
    DrayTek Dual WAN Firewall

The fine print:
      Everything you'll see on these pages was in our inventory at the time we posted it, but we make no promises to keep these pages current.
      Used items are offered on a first-come first-served basis. That means if you see something that really interests you and someone else gets to it before you do, well...
      Most equipment can be tested here before you buy. As with nearly all used merchandise, nothing we offer carries a warranty other than that which may offered by the original manufacturer.

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