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 Asset Management  Specialists Inc.

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Larry J. Oxman

Portland State University - Portland, Oregon - 1973 - B.S. Corporate Finance and Accounting


July 7, 1989 to Present:
Asset Management Specialist, Inc.
Portland, Oregon
(503) 233-7226
Founder and President

Handle asset recovery and liquidations for financial institutions and bankruptcy trustees. Perform appraisal work for both the bankruptcy court and other outside companies.

Major Projects include:

Resolution Trust Company:
  • Identification, recovery and conversion of Benjamin Franklin Leasing Corporation assets, reducing portfolio from $20 Million to $5 Million. We handled government reports, and analysis of all assets. Equipment included: farm implements, excavation, trucks, trailers and road equipment.
  • Handled the appraisal of the Far West Federal Bank for the RTC of all their FF & E.
  • Liquidated Eastern Oregon Fast Freights equipment and several farms.
  • Certified appraiser with The Certified Appraisal Guild of America.
  • Candidate Member of the American Society of Appraisers.
  • Notary Public for the State of Oregon
  • Certified to testify regarding appraisals in court.
Back-office functions for this small business including accounting and record keeping functions.

April 15, 1985 to July 7, 1989
Paccom Leasing Corporation
1221 S.W. Yamhill Suite 210
Portland, Oregon 97205
Asset Recovery Manager

Took a portfolio with 28% delinquency to less than 3% in 24 months and maintained that level until I left the company. Handled all equipment evaluations, transportation, and lease workouts. Performed substantial asset management and recovery in the field, including asset sales, and on site inspections. Liason to in-house and opposition legal counsel. Designed and negotiated restructures, including financial analysis. Promoted in 1988 to Asset Recovery Manager with more emphasis on the asset liquidation side of the business.

September 1982 to April 15, 1985
Colonial-Pacific Leasing Company
16261 S.E. 130th
Clackamas, Oregon 97015
Special Accounts Department

Handled accounts to salvage and return to regular status, reading of lessee financial statements for Legal Department, locate assets for Legal Department to garnish, Represent Legal Department in bankruptcies and small claim actions.

Help in asset sales and advertising, do public relations work with brokers and vendors, coordinate activities between Asset Management and the Legal Department. Check out potential Vendors for the Credit Department including review of Vendor Financial statements.